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'Laudation" is a sites-specific body of work in tribute to the elapsed Linen Industry of N.Ireland. It's shared social and industrial legacy is made visible through two series; "Crea" and "Meta", in salutation to the memory, sense of place, and the joint spirit and endeavour of those who committed their lives to the industry during the period.  

( See also Video ).

"Crea" Series: 4 No. 1200L x 350W x 150D Mixed Media Sculptural Assemblages - Brass, Silver, 24ct.Gold, Acrylic, Digital Printed.

"Meta" Series: 5 No. 370 Dia. x 85D, + 3 No. 300 Dia. x 85D Mixed Media Sculptural Assemblages - Acrylic, Digital Printed, Brass, Silver, 24ct.Gold. Fibre Optic Lit.

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Project supported by LCCC

Affiliated with Linen Biennale NI

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