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"Memoria"  Mixed Media Sculptural Assemblage, Video & Interactive Sound Installation: 

A Pilgrimage of Mind and Body:  Memory, place, and loss, are evoked in a contemplative work of remembrance, expressing the sense of presence and emotion that remains imbued and embedded within particular conjunctions of time, location, and lived experience.

The piece also reflects upon how, although time is without form, its true measure slips away, simultaneously imperceptible, indeterminate, beyond reach. (See also "Memoria" Poetry Video).

1 No.1435L x 550H x 395D comprising  MDF / Aluminium Carcase painted. Acrylic Fabrication. Digital Print. Laser Cut MDF painted. Integrated Arduino Electronic Soundworks. LED & Fibre Optic Lit.

3D Assemblage, Video & Interactive Sound installed at  "Told/Untold" - Elin Johnston Solo Exhibition - The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre Gallery, Armagh, N.I. 2022

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