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The Semiotics of Adornment

"The Semiotics of Adornment"  is a series of Mixed Media Sculptural Assemblages in 5 Variants created in response to an examination of the depiction of 'adornment', across thematic aspects of 'corporeal presence', cultural context, and visual semantics. The aim is to work towards merging these elements with moving image as an immersive installation. ( See also Video ).

5 No. free-standing 1900H x 450W x 400D variants comprising:-

Steel Frame, welded & powder coated. Acrylic Fabrication, formed & direct digital printed. Brass, formed, polished & lacquered. Aluminum, polished, CNC digital machined & painted. Fibre Optic and LED lit.

Project supported by ACNI

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Project supported by LCCC

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