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Poetry & Spoken Word

A series of Artist written pieces exploring the potential of text and voice to enhance, convey meaning, and expand the experiential narrative of the Artist's screen based works. The poetry forms of ekphrasis, anaphora, and free form phonaesthetics are employed  within the current video and moving image body of work. 

Sorrow standing dark /
In rooted rhythm's measure /
Circle, sound, and eye, remark /
A votive veil descending /
To stipple the opened earth

Before A Truth
before a cloud      became a stream

before a river        became a sea

before a wave       became a sound

before a song       became unsung

before a voice      became unheard

before a stone     became a mark

before a truth      became untold

This Dark Water
Shadows arrive /

Splendour cedes /

To a fire above /

Upon this dark water /        

Shadows remain /

Subject To Revision

Two  Five  Four  Four          Five  Two  Zero  Nine

One  Three  Six  One  Six  Eight

Four  Seven  Six  Three  One  Eight  Four

In Deserted Time

We depart lost lands with dubious promise /

following primitive instincts, mythic rite

a plaintive presage of deception,

of turbulent episode, seen in series /

those heralds heard, in so far denied

give urgency upon a signal, to cease

repeated verses of echoed duress /

dwelling in deserted time.

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