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Visual Poetry & Spoken Word

A series of Artist-written hybrid 3D mixed-media visual poetry works exploring the confluence of the visual, linguistic, sonic, & digital.  Interactive in engagement, the poetry forms of cento, anaphora, mesostic, and free-form phonaesthetics are employed  within the current body of work. ( See also Video & Moving Image ).


Tracing ambits of practice that intermix inks of Tōhaku’s sumi-e, Kansuke Yamamoto’s photographic catechisms on light, with geometries of Gomringer’s foundational concrete, Johnston’s poetry sounds amid future concretes like Donato Mancini’s classic Starfield Series or “zen-koan-jingle” of his Æthel  logotypes. Whether text or poème-objets, all have sculptural weight and play monochrome’s scales, densities across compositional fields.

By way of screen rendition, verbal-visual flux transposes into sonic modalities, scored video & moving image works composedly transmit tactics as panel, cento, collage, mesostic yield to canon and montage.


The Realm of The Less moves towards the best-synthesized hybridity – in modes of say, Hoffman’s ciné-poème Kokoro is for Heart. Bathed in novel digitality, these accumulations “phrase and rephrase” lament, keening from within the “trap” of our earthly Mare Crisium / Sea of Crises.


3D Mixed-Media Sculptural Assemblages - 1130mmL x 170mmW comprising Hi-Res.Large Format Digital Prints over 5mm Foamcore + Laser Cut Acrylic & MDF forms + Digital Prints on Acetate.

Visual Poetry Mixed-Media Assemblages  & "Confluence", Elin Johnston Solo Exhibition, 2 Royal Avenue, Belfast, N.I. 2023

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